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Why is the ANCHOR® CANTILEVER SLIDE GATE Superior to any other available today?

  • All Anchor® Cantilever Slide Gates carry a ONE-YEAR guarantee against any defect in material or manufacturing.
  • Our all aluminum frame is strong, durable, and attractive.
  • Every Anchor® Cantilever Slide Gate is designed to fit a specific size opening.

Our more than 50 years of experience building these gates assures you are getting the very best.

Factory lubricated and sealed roller bearings enclosed in the one-piece track frame member provide practically maintenance free performance. Rollers are inside a one-piece enclosed track and frame extrusion. This eliminates ice, snow, dirt, sand, and similar problems. Track and top frame members are a one-piece extrusion of 6063-T6 aluminum. All other members are welded to the top member. There are no bolt on tracks and all of our gates are factory assembled. ANCHOR® does not believe in bolt together modules; our experience shows that these are never as strong as the one-piece construction of the ANCHOR® GATE.

All members of the ANCHOR® FRAME are aluminum. We do not mix steel and aluminum in the frame. Mixing metals in the frame can cause warping because of the dissimilar expansion characteristics of the different metals. The fabric is held inside the frame by tension rods and hook bolts that pass though the frame on all 4 sides. These bolts are mechanically tightened to give the fabric a drum like tightness. Each strand of fabric wire becomes a truss that helps support the frame. This, we feel, is far superior to merely hanging the fabric on the frame as others do.

Cantilever slide gates provide more usable space than do swing gates and are also easily operated by one person. Anchor® Cantilever Slide Gates are readily adapted to any type of automatic operation when the occasion requires.

Without question, Anchor® Cantilever Slide Gates are the easiest operating, safest gates made!

Available with all Aluminum or Vinyl Coated Frames.

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Sam Vitanza Field

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Athletic Complexes

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Dickinson, Texas

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